Senior Advisor

Jacques is currently a teacher in business strategy at the Solvay Business School, a consultant for the United Nations regarding scaling digital ventures as well as an investor and board member in a variety of companies and ventures including the Portulans Institute (Washington DC), a Senior adviser to Fortino Capital, a venture partner at Antler (Amsterdam) and a board member at Marquard Media (Switzerland). 

In 2019, he retired after 28 years as a senior partner of McKinsey & Company. He also acted as one of the three directors worldwide of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the firm’s business and economics research arm. 

His experience concentrates on media, High-Tech, Strategy & Corporate Finance and he has experience with more than 200 clients.

Jacques’ extensive research on the impact, opportunities, and challenges of technology including big data, the future of work and skills, or AI has been published in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, as well as in academic journals and is quoted regularly in leading international media.

He is a frequent speaker at global conferences, and has received many honorary prizes during his career. 

Current position

  • Venture partner, Antler
  • Founder and CEO , MachaonAdvisory
  • Board member, Marquard Media 


  • Master Degree in economics and computer science 
  • Ph.D in economics