We have a core focus on everything that breathes technology, digital and customer needs.
Our mission is to invest in and grow companies that provide mission-critical solutions either through SaaS applications, digital tools and tech platforms. Our investee companies support their customers in the digital transformation making their business easier, ensuring better results and providing more agility in adapting to new customer needs.


How do we make a difference?

  • We are tech and customer-driven. The customer feels the need, the entrepreneur knows the technology. The two together fuel success.
  • Strategy is not only a matter of defining goals: you need to understand where you are today. We help you provide a perspective on the departure line in order to get to the finish line faster.
  • Reaching long-term hairy goals takes many small steps. Taking the right steps and at high velocity is where we can provide insights.
  • We have lived through the blessings and curses of fast-growing companies. Trial & error and failures are part of the journey and are a source of learnings.
  • Doing acquisitions is a challenge according to many statistics. We have been a solid partner to many portfolio companies.

Venture Capital


Fortino invests in VC-backed companies looking for relevant advice and access to valuable networks of peers and experienced advisors.

  • Proven product/services, no seed
  • Minimum turnover of €0,5million
  • Presence and growing acceptance by commercial customers
  • Focus on B2B SaaS applications, digital tools and tech platforms
  • Investments from €1 million up to €10 million
  • Minority and majority stakes
  • North Western Europe

Growth PE


Fortino invests in high-growth companies looking for capital to back their autonomous growth and identified or potential acquisitions.

  • Clear product-market fit with our investment scope
  • Minimum turnover of €5-10 million, profitable in the core
  • B2B SaaS applications, digital tools, tech platforms
  • Investment tickets €5-30 million
  • Minority and majority stakes
  • North Western Europe

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