Investing in exceptional entrepreneurs operating high-growth B2B SaaS, PaaS & digital technology companies across North Western Europe.

With over €350M in assets under management, we have the power and passion to accelerate  ventures and high-growth, exceptional scale-ups. Businesses that are natively global and ready to internationalize. Our team of industry-leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, and former industry executives provides expertise and management support where it matters most.

We enable companies that leverage cloud-based computing, data, AI, and the internet of things to:

  • make it easier for their customers to do business
  • drive more accurate business results
  • remain agile within their market space

Venture Capital

For VC-backed companies who provide compelling solutions to unmet needs. We help your team and people focus on their ‘unknown unknowns’ and work closely with you to unlock your full potential.

Our minimum ticket size is €1M (series A, B, and C) and we look to invest in companies with at least €1M annualized revenues across B2B SaaS applications, digital tools, and tech platforms.

PE Growth

For ambitious scale-ups and established B2B SaaS, PaaS, and digital technology companies. We work with you towards growing you into an internationally-recognised enterprise.

With the aim to help unlock and manage your growth, we provide capital to support market and product development, as well as identifying and executing strategic acquisitions throughout Europe.




Our companies are shaping the future. We help them see around corners.

We fuel our companies and give them the tools to grow. This means helping their leadership inspire their teams, and giving them the power to anticipate, create, and take advantage of the changing landscape.  

We are what we deliver.

We’re diverse. We’re experts. And we have been where you are. Strategy, operations, talent management, culture, finances – whatever help you are looking for, our advisors can provide it.


What will we do to move the needle?

Our mission goes beyond growing a company – we’re about scaling and game-changing business ideas.

Submit your investment opportunity and calculate your key metrics.


Since 2013, we have supported almost 20 B2B SaaS, Paas, and tech companies and are proud of the value they provide to their customers.